About Us

Who We Are

Thomas D. BaenzigerEE-Consulting AG is a specialist company in the field of Public Lighting Management, Tunnel Control Systems and affiliated products in these fields. I personally founded the company in 2000 after I sold Intelux AG (Switzerland) and Kelstrom Pty Ltd (Australia) to the Indesit Group (Italy) to work as a consultant for the buyer. Both, Intelux and Kelstrom were technology driven companies in the field of industrial and commercial lighting control systems. The roots of the companies go back to the 70’s when we invented HID dimming purposely to achieve energy savings in public lighting. The first big applications however were in tunnel lighting control.

Our customers then were large manufacturing plants, supermarkets and road- and tunnel operators. I am a co-founder of both companies. Today EE-Consulting AG is a leading company for the design, supply and testing & commissioning for

• Tunnel Control Systems, including lighting and ventilation and…
• Public Lighting Management Systems, including energy saving systems

With 25 years of experience, many “world first” innovations and a global presence EE-Consulting AG with its partners are a reliable and solid company in these two core competences. Hundreds of installations have been completed across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In each country we operate we have local partners which help us educating clients, preparing submissions and proposals as well as giving local technical support for testing and commissioning the systems. We regularly organise seminars for different groups of interested people at different locations. We maintain a close relationship with our clients, E&M consultants, contractors and partners.

Our focus for all systems is clearly on reliability, energy efficiency and low operational cost.

Eng. Thomas D. BAENZIGER
Founder & CEO