Tunnel Equipment / Systems


EE-Consulting AG has a number of specialised partners for tunnel equipment and systems other than Tunnel. In each discipline we endeavour to be the best and most reliable partner offering state of the art and highest quality systems that are prone to perform.

The following products are available:

Guidance Lighting Systems

Partner: Gifas SwitzerlandProducts - Guidance Lighting Systems

Guidance lighting is mandatory in all European road tunnels. It assists the driver to drive in the right direction. As simple as it sounds, but Guidance Lighting is a complex matter and has to be engineered to the max. With MarkLED we offer a proven product of one of the world’s most renown manufacturers.

Emergency Exit Marking Systems

Products - Emergency Exit Marking SystemsPartner: Rigamonti Switzerland

When it comes to finding an emergency exit nothing can be spared. Most casualties in tunnel fires die from the smoke, because they cannot locate an emergency exit. This is why Rigamonti has teamed up its brightest brains to develop one of the best concepts for people to find the right way.

Ventilation for Road and Railway Tunnels

Products - Ventilation for Road and Railway TunnelsPartner: CBI Italy Master of Winds

CBI Master of winds brings 40 years of experience in ventilation. They offer strong and robust state of the art fans capable of operating under extreme conditions. CBI fans can be made from stainless steel and operate in at an ambient temperature of up to 400°C.

Ventilation Control

Partner: Ticos Switzerland Products - Ventilation Control

When it comes to ventilation controls you don’t want to take chances. The track record of Ticos is impressive. Some of the most complex and longest road tunnel ventilation systems have been designed by Ticos.

Modular Cable Systems for Road and Railway Tunnels

Partner: Inaba JapanProducts - Modular Cable Systems for Road and Railway Tunnels

Inaba is the leading supplier for Modular Cables for tunnels in the Middle East and Asia. Modular or Structured Cables from Inaba are fire prove and water prove (IP68). The quality of the installation is much higher with a factory pre-made and tested cable. Installation time is about 80% shorter.

SCADA Systems for Road and Railway Tunnels

Partner: Ticos SwitzerlandProducts - SCADA Systems for Road and Railway Tunnels

SACADA Systems for Tunnels are extremely complex and require a huge experience, not only in data acquisition and control of equipment but also a deep knowledge of the application itself. With the international experience portfolio Ticos is your ideal partner in this discipline.