Tunnel Lighting Control Systems for Road Tunnels.


Products - Tunnel LightingThis is one of our core disciplines.
EE-Consulting AG is a leading company for the design, supply and testing & commissioning for Tunnel Lighting Control Systems. With 25 years of experience, many “world first” innovations and a global presence EE-Consulting AG and its partners are a reliable and solid partner in this core competence. Hundreds of installations have been completed across Europe and the Middle East. The systems are strictly based on CIE88 2004 the international standard for tunnel and underpass lighting and local electrical standards.

Our experience ranges from the simplest of all systems using an L20 or Lseq luminance meter and multiple step switching control to the most complex individual lighting-point control and monitoring with redundant PLC’s, fibre optic ring networks, SCADA control and internet connectivity.